Saturday, March 14, 2009

Shock! Rewarding Vermin Doesn't Make Them Nicer.

The government this week decided not to allow Hezbollah spokesman Ibrahim Moussawi into Britain, which is a good thing even if it was done belatedly and under public pressure. Even so we have re-established links with Hezbollah's 'political wing'. So how's that going?

The leader of Lebanon's Islamist Hezbollah movement, Hassan Nasrallah, has said his group will never recognise Israel's right to exist.

He was responding to a US suggestion that both Hezbollah and the Palestinian faction Hamas should recognise Israel before expecting any US engagement.

From Hezbollah's point of view why should they recognise Israel when they can get Arab support and Western acceptance without making any pretence of moderation?

Hezbollah's hostility towards Israel isn't Britain's responsibility in particular. However their hatred isn't confined towards Israel, but to all Jews- Nasrallah* has made plain his wish to kill all Jews & Hezbollah's bombing of an Argentinian Jewish centre cannot be explained by anti-Zionism- and that includes British citizens. We should not have contacts with a group that wants to murder a small proportion of our population, it really is that simple.

* The same Nasrallah whom George Galloway 'glorifies'.


Mark Wadsworth said...

Yes, it really is that simple.

If these people refuse to accept Israel's right to exist, then good luck to them. It would be nice if they would also take it with equanimity when Israel - a country that in their warped world-view should not and therefore does not exist - hits back like maniacs every now and then.

Pat said...

I wonder what the result would be if Israel were to deny Hamas right to exist- especially if it denied consideration for all who support Hamas? I wonder how many would think fairs fair?