Monday, March 23, 2009

Smile- Or Else!

Trying to measure happiness is a tricky proposition, so for the government to be considering using it to assess schools is odd, although picking arbitary and hard to measure criteria with which to assess schools does make it easier to show 'improvement' year on year.

It follows a recent report from the Children's Society that said that competitive schooling, league tables and selfish parenting was creating a generation of miserable young people.

But the "happiness" measures are being opposed by teachers' leaders, who claim they are almost impossible to quantify.

f one believes that the unhappiness is caused by competitiveness then making schools compete to show how happy they are is a very New Labour solution.


Leg-iron said...

Ah, that's why there's a batch of spun figures from Childline out this morning.

Da kids is sad, innit.

They'll have to take part in Soviet style 'glory to the State' sessions soon.

Ross said...

Perhaps if all children start the school day by singing about the Great Leader then they'll be happier.