Saturday, December 26, 2009

Apology Of The Day


We mistakenly stated that the BBC producer behind Dragon’s Den had been convicted of having 1,410 repulsive child porn images.

He had not.

No hard feelings then!


Mark Wadsworth said...

Fair play to them, easy mistake to make.

JuliaM said...

It's not like the 'David Davies/David Davis' problem, these two were even spelled the same...

asquith said...

If I didn't hate the tabloids beforehand, I would have violently turned against them at the time that they savaged Robert Murat. I remember reading about how weird he supposedly was, his "mates" slagging him off. I thought at the time, when he was still a suspect, I felt sympathetic as it's probably other people having an adverse reaction rather than owt he's done wrong.

Now I see no evidence that the allegations against him have any basis whatsoever, I read some pathetic "apologies" to this effect. But it seems to me they're not sorry, if they were they could show their remorse by never doing another charachter* assassination, but they show their lack of genuine contrition every day.

Rightly are they called scum.

*Although I am a near-perfect speller, & accordingly tend not to use spell checks, I could never get that one word right!

Ross said...

Yeah the treatment of Murat was a lot like the treatment of Colin Stagg. They throw out enough titbits to to hurt his reputation and give the impression that he's a weirdo even after he has been exonorated.

banned said...

So just how wieredo do you have to be to 'fail' vetting by the ISA ? Ones mans 'happy in my own company' becomes anothers' 'sad, lonely wierdo loser'.