Friday, December 04, 2009

The New Jade Is A US Senator!

The late Jade Goody (pbuh) was mocked for thinking that East Anglia was abroad but apparently US Senator Barbara Boxer agrees and thinks East Anglia is in the United States. I assume that is what she believes because otherwise she is claiming the right for the USA to investigate and prosecute offences that occur in the UK:
Senator Boxer reacts to the 'climategate' question on leaked emails that appear to suppress the scientific process of peer review, saying hackers should face criminal prosecution.
"We may well have a hearing on this, we may not. We may have a briefing for senators, we may not," Boxer said. "Part of our looking at this will be looking at a criminal activity which could have well been coordinated."
I visited the UEA campus in Norwich about 20 years ago, my abiding memory of the place is that there are an awful lot of rabbits and hares running about.


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