Monday, December 07, 2009

Blame Canada

I missed this George Monbiot column last week, however it was in the "Spotlight" section of google news yesterday. Moonbat writes:
Canada's image lies in tatters. It is now to climate what Japan is to whaling
I don't think he has thought his analogy through though, Japan is rather good at whaling indeed they are the best at catching whales in the whole wide world. So in effect George Monbiot is actually saying that Canada is better for the climate than any other nation on Earth.


Mark said...

After the previous weeks effort (in which he called for the resignation of Phil Jones from the CRU), this column of Monbiot's showed a true return to the moonbattery for which he is famed.

I particularly liked the bit where he called for Canada to be expelled from the Commonwealth.A priceless comment, coming in the week that Rwanda was admitted to the illustrious club. Remembrance Day 2010 would have been an event to remember had Monbiot been granted his wish, with the Canadian High Commissioners wreath at the Cenotaph being replaced by that from his Rwandan counterpart.

Remind me again,exactly how many Rwandans fell in British uniforms in either of the world wars, or in later conflicts ?

Ross said...

Yes, the Commonwealth thing is hilarious when you consider the 50+ members he doesn't object to.