Monday, December 07, 2009

Liddle: Then & Now.

On the subject of Rod Liddle, in the comments here Laban Tall recalls how ferociously politically correct he used to be back when he was the editor of the Today programme:

In 1998 he was working to death the hideous revelation that “Asians applying to study medicine are more likely to be rejected than other students.”

To be exact, “while one third of all applications for medical school places are from Asians, they represent only one fifth of those accepted”.

If that Rod Liddle were still at the Today programme then one suspect they would be denouncing this Rod Liddle from the airwaves every morning.

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Edwin Greenwood said...

Clearly an instance of Schrödinger's Liddle. Liddle #1 will continue to denounce Liddle #2 until Alex Massie opens the box and shoots him/them/himself.

Or something.