Thursday, April 29, 2010


One of the things I've noticed about this story is that foreign newspapers have picked up on it in a way in which they haven't done on any other issue in the campaign thus far.

I suppose Brown can be given some credit for apologising profusely rather than doing what Tony Blair and Alastair Campbell would have done which would be to smear the woman via anonymous leaks to the press.


TDK said...

Well, no dispute about Campbell but suely not the apology king. He's the original "We are all guilty".

Brown had little choice. This woman articulated the concerns of the core Labour voter rather than the university educated ruling elite. Brown showed what the latter really think about the concerns of the former. This is about as bad as it can get short of saying the "N" word.

Griffin, if he wasn't a moron, would make this Brown gaff his election broadcast.

Matthew said...

Are ruling elites normally not university-educated?

TDK said...


Well historically they weren't and a party that claims to represent ordinary people ought to have a disproportionate number of non-university educated MPs. But having said that, I tend to agree it was redundant.