Wednesday, April 21, 2010

But Don't Question Their Patriotism

I see Australian academics* are demanding that Australians stop commemorating ANZAC day, which commemorate those fine biscuits those Australians and New Zealanders who fought in wars for their countries.
Nina Burridge of the University of Technology in Sydney - said Anzac Day glorified white males.

"It's something about male mateship in many ways to me - it doesn't celebrate the wide diversity in Australia," she said.

"The very fact we focus on Gallipoli means we symbolically exclude others, even if we don't intend to."

Right. The implications of that idea is probably not what Burridge would intend, but her argument that Australia's history can't be remembered because it "excludes" non whites etc, implies that multiculturalism and large scale immigration necessitate forgetting a country's history and customs.

* No, Australian academics is not an oxymoron.


Diesel said...

"* No, Australian academics is not an oxymoron."

Based on the evidence supplied above, it is!

Anonymous said...

It is a bit odd that they focused on gallipoli when there were so many other countries involved.
The Kokoda trail would have made more sense.
Is not patriotism unfashionable as it sort of makes multiculturism a bit of - well - unpatriotic.

Ross said...

Yes plus the Kokoda trail was more important to Australian survival than Gallipoli. I suppose the commemorations began before WW2 though.