Tuesday, April 13, 2010

So... We Should Shoot Him?

Cameron invokes JFK as he puts Broken Britain at heart of manifesto
The "Ask what you can do for your country" is a wonderful rhetorical flourish but the implication behind it does verge on the sinister- the idea that we are here to serve the state rather than vice versa.


Pat said...

Depends whether the country is the Government- or something bigger which the Government also serves.

JuliaM said...

It fits nicely with his 'citizen volunteer (until we can force you) squad' Idea.

Although the thought of iDave banging secretEiea and socialites in No 10 while his Special Branch minders run interference...*shudder*

JuliaM said...


Bloody iPhone keyboard

Ross said...

Oh what an image.

Matthew said...

'Ask what you can do for your family'.

He's absolutely fearless, isn't he? Nothing is too controversial or radical.