Friday, April 23, 2010

Career Options- Human Torpedo

In the recession it always pays to keep an eye out for new and potentially lucrative new careers. So it is interesting to read that North Korea has been using "human torpedoes" to sink South Korean ships.

By definition this immediately creates a vacancy which if you strive hard enough you can fill. There are many advantages to this line of work:
  • The swimming is good exercise.
  • The work is challenging and varied.
  • It is a job for life.
In truth no job is just about the positives and there are downsides to being in a "crack squad of human torpedoes"*.
  • The pension plan is rubbish.
  • When people hear that you are a human torpedo, you are likely to be chased out your home by an angry mob chanting "No 'Pedos"
* A crack squad? As opposed to what bog standard human torpedoes?

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