Tuesday, April 20, 2010

How Crazy Are The Lib Dems?

Well consider this:
Nick Clegg deserves the praise heaped on him. He has style and substance and though immersed in the bog of politics still smells of integrity. Last year he invited me to write a pamphlet on the need to develop a progressive national British identity.
That was written by Yasmin Alibhai Brown. Someone who decides that a well established extremist like Yaz is the go to woman for shaping our national identity is not some moderate. Yasmin Alibhai Brown is someone with a visceral hatred of the white working class, a racial monomaniac and who applies an absurd double standard that seems to depend on the colour of someone's skin.

Turning to Yaz to draft a report on such a subject, especially after she was involved in a similar effort a decade ago, demonstrates that on cultural matters Nick Clegg is an extremist and any pressure they bring to bear as a coalition partner in government will be to maistream such views.

(Via Julia)


James Higham said...

Their policy is absolutely f--ed. He literally loves the EU. He is very bad news for the UK and particularly for England.

Anonymous said...

Not that your basic point is wrong but "racial monomaniac" links to something that the President of Brazil said, not our Yaz.

Ross said...

Anon- you are rught. Just follow the link to YAB's article in the Lula post.

TDK said...

Simon Heffer captures the public enchantment with a wonderful phrase that perfectly captures Clegg

The usually uninterested public, in this rare moment of engagement, did what it often does at such times, and became impressed by the last charlatan to come along.