Saturday, May 15, 2010


Polly attacks Hattie, not savagely but given that they are two peas in a pod it is noteworthy none the less:
Harriet Harman, as elected representative of the party, did nothing to save it from certain defeat
Harsh, Harriet Harman did everything she could to save Labour by staying away from the TV screens for 5 weeks. She probably cost the Conservatives an overall majority by that selfless act alone.

* If the title seems a little bit sexist, then I should say that it is a reference to this, which can be seen on some god awful digital TV channel somewhere.


James Higham said...

Something fascinating in women fighting ... from a distance.

banned said...

"Labour could have won" by ditching Brown. Oh really? Their strongest performance came in Scotland (44% of the vote) where it is generally acknowldged that Brown was seen as an asset, fools they be.

alison said...

Manfight in Robin Hood way more interesting. Unfortunately Russell was almost fully clothed this time.

Ross said...

Don't they at least go for the men in tights look?