Saturday, May 15, 2010

This Might Not End Well

Whilst I understand fully why a deal with the Liberal Democrats was necessary, and there are many areas where the party is the most impressive of the main ones, and I also understand that it is important to keep the Liberal Democratic left on board- is it really necessary to appoint complete lunatics to the cabinet?

I am referring to the appointment of Norman Baker as a minister for Transport. This is someone who wrote a book dedicated to proving that Dr David Kelly was murdered and has strongly implied that Robin Cook was also murdered by the British state.

I'm no fan of the last government, but these sort of wild accusations are not the work of a mind that should be entrusted with great responsibility.


Mark Wadsworth said...

It might be fun though.

He'll demand that all public buildings have parking facilities for hovercars; give people money to research into teleporting devices and maybe build a motorway bridge over the Channel.

Matthew said...

I don't think a Minister of Transport is a Cabinet position?

Ross said...

Mark- I'm sure he wouldn't build a motorway bridge, cars are bad, maybe a monorail.

Matthew- You are right, and the annoying thing is I knew that when I wrote it, having taken care to describe him as a minister rather than a Secretary of State.

banned said...

Dammit, there was me predicting a Libdem Cabinet with Mandy getting Transport, Brown getting sacked and Dave getting pissed!