Sunday, May 30, 2010

People I Have An Irrational Dislike Of- Part Two

The England Supporters Band who follow the English football team making a sodding cacophony for 90 minutes whilst people are trying to enjoy the game.

Actually whilst my dislike of them isn't irrational, the scale of it is. I detest them. They've decided to impose themselves on all the other fans in the stadium and at home who don't really want to listen to their repetitive shite. It destroys the atmosphere because the sound of the crowd should really relate to what is happening on the field of play, not whatever these clowns have on their play list next.

Is there anything more depressing than hearing them churn out "the Great Escape" every 15 minutes? Fair enough if the team has done something that would make that song particularly appropriate by rescuing themselves from certain defeat for instance but they just play it at random points in the game for no obvious reason.

Frankly I hope that their plane to South Africa is diverted to Zimbabwe and they spend the entire World Cup locked in a prison in Harare under the threat of death.

Update: From the Urban Dictionary:
Bunch of "loyal" fans, generally regarded as attention-seeking atmosphere-killers employed by the English Football Association to play at England matches. Home and away. Possibly the most infuriating, pointless, mind-numbing collaboration of idiots the world has ever seen. They have an extensive repertoire of four songs, one of which they can't play properly. Their renendition of the "Great Escape" theme has been going on for about eight years now, it has never once been appropriate. No one likes them anymore, their kitsch, camp appeal died after the first three matches.

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