Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Stoopid Brits

Remember the disastrous intervention by the Guardian into the US election in 2004, Operation Clark County, in which they encouraged Guardian readers to write to US electors in a swing county in the swing state of Ohio?

This had exactly the effect that you would have anticipated, Clark County registered the biggest swing to Bush in the state.

This can work in reverse though, if we could on publicise these smug and condescending lamentations of US liberal pundits at the imminent demise of Labour- with an undertone of how stupid and unenlightened we are- I'm sure a Tory landslide could be guaranteed.


Matthew said...

"Hello - yes you! - typical voter! I'm a blogger. Have you heard what MATTHEW YGLESIAS has said about you?"

The majority would be like 1983 all over again.

Ross said...

OK it would involve persuading them to contact British voters directly in order to work.