Saturday, May 15, 2010

Union Leader Celebrates Banning Of Unions.

Tony Woodley, the buffoonish leader of the UNITE union is holidaying in Cuba, supposedly to celebrate 51 years of Castro's seizure of power. Although I suppose he could be sampling the underage prostitutes and cigars instead. This is causing some problems with the efforts to resolve the planned BA strikes that are coming up.

Perhaps we can learn from Cuba though- and ban Trade Unions like UNITE so they can't disrupt everyone's travel arrangements. In fact we could really be like Cuba and ban travel all together.

Finally here is a picture of Mr Woodley demonstrating his Castro style tolerence for a free press:


banned said...

Presumably the members of Unite are paying since it will be a fact finding holiday?

alison said...

Securing Britain's what does that say?

Ross said...

Alison- good spot. It's a novel way of securing economic recovery I guess.