Saturday, April 11, 2009

Dolly & Damian Go Smearing.

If this government's thuggishness* wasn't balanced by their incompetence I'd be seriously worried.

It's notable that the smear campaign is apparently coordinated by a civil servant, Damian McBride, someone who should not be engaging in partisan politics. If the civil service can so easily be co-opted to serve the governing party's interests it provides yet another reason why it is a bad idea to allow them to collect and store any more of our personal information.

* I won't pretend to be that outraged without knowing the details of what was said, although once the actual emails are published I'll fulminate with the best of 'em.

Update: Dolly's hostility to right of centre bloggers is hard to explain.

Update 2:
In what is perhaps the most vicious section, McBride suggests spreading rumours about the mental health of Frances
Derek Draper is a psychotherapist remember.

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North Northwester said...

Sexual deviance and mental illness: instant victim status when Tories criticize or fail to fund them, but fair game when New Labour gets its tizzy-fitting tackle in gear.