Thursday, April 02, 2009

Hypocrite Of The Day- Sunny Hundal.

Following on from my previous post- Sunny Hundal, today:
It's worth stressing that the police decision to form a cordon and not allow people free movement started becoming a focus point for their annoyance. For a while the chanting was their only form of protest. But we felt like we were in a pressure cooker.
So he doesnt like being cooped up and not allowed to leave. Quite understandable, so you'd expect he would have condemned outright the idiots who kept passengers stuck in Stansted Airport a few months back right? Er no:
Well Done Plane Stupid.

Honestly, I love these guys. It does somewhat worry me that Plane Stupid is so unwilling to have a constitution or an organisational structure that soon enough someone malicious will try something violent and claim he/she was doing it as part of Plane Stupid to save the planet.

Otherwise, fully supportive of yesterday’s occupation of Stansted.
Obviously detaining the ghastly chavvy holiday makers is a price worth paying whereas stopping important people like Sunny who explained to the stupid police officers who they were is an outrageous violation of civil liberties.


Letters From A Tory said...

Brilliant spot. He really doesn't understand how ridiculous he sounds sometimes.

Ross said...

Let's hope he never realises, it would break his heart.

alison said...

Ha! Good one.