Saturday, April 25, 2009

EU Profiler

This is a quiz for matching yourself to the closest political party, ideologically. Unsurprisingly my closest match among UK parties is the Tory party, however among the European parties my closest match's are the Folkpartiet liberalerna of Sweden and the Liberalų ir centro sąjunga of Lithuania who are both members of Liberal International (the grouping which includes the Lib Dems). This is very damaging to my self image as a crazed right wing extremist.


asquith said...

I got Tory first, Green second. This is a bit surprising but not staggering. UKIP & the BNP both scored quite high, because of my EU-criticism. I suspect the Lib Dems would do a bit better amongst me in a general election, better still in a local election.

Labour came bottom :)

I also got various classically liberal parties as my top. This is a bit surprising as I've never been in the least bit tempted by LPUK or that wing of UKIP.

In general I am a sceptic as to how worthwhile it is. One of the most libertarian people I know got BNP near the top of her list, despite the fact that she is completely against their economic "policies".

Bit of research into the methodology would be due.

Ross said...

"One of the most libertarian people I know got BNP near the top of her list"I suppose that's partly because the survey puts a disproportionate emphasis on one's attitude to European integration which isn't one the BNP's worst policies.

When I checked my results by country, my closest Austrian match was the Freedom Party (Haider's old party) which no matter how closely I agreed with them on European integration or welfare, I wouldn't touch with a bargepole.

JuliaM said...

I read that post headline and thought this was some new, gripping TV series on Channel Five.

Imagine my disappointment!

Ross said...

Obscure European political parties are just as interesting as any television programme.

North Northwester said...

Great post, Ross, and serious fun.

Thank God! I came over as absolutely barking, shoot-on-sight, don't even try to negotiate and kill the women first Authoritarian zealot.

Phew! Thought I might lose it there on the ID cards question...