Thursday, April 16, 2009

New Policy- Being Civilised.

I have been thinking of adopting a policy in which I don't insult people on my weblog in any manner in which I wouldn't be comfortable saying to their face.

For example I won't be accusing nearly so many people of being idiots, twats or liars just because I strongly object to their stated viewpoint on matters, because in real life these traits seem to exist across the political spectrum so if I'm repeatedly seeing them only in political opponents online then I am probably misjudging the matter.

Obviously if they demonstrate beyond doubt that they are any of those things then I'll still say so.

Commentators are free to continue insulting whomever they wish.

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Mr. Feathers said...

Good for you. I know I do too much of the negative stuff.

I like to think my posts are quite balanced overall. I confess that the reason for that is that, when I get the urge to be petty, spiteful and vindictive, I just do it anonymously or under another pseudonym, so that my main username remains unsullied. (That's a bit of advice for you if following your resolution gets hard).

In all honesty, I do criticise myself for being uncivil and a tosser but if you ignored everything I say along those lines, I hope what I say still stands up.