Wednesday, April 01, 2009

G-20- Why?

Is it me or is the G20 basically the G8 with Affirmative Action, in which we pretend that a bunch of large third world countries are of critical importance on the world stage? Does anyone really believe that it matters whether or not Argentina or Indonesia go along with whatever is proposed or not?

There was a leaked paper a couple of weeks ago suggesting that the British government had divided the countries into two tiers based on their importance, Canadians were surprised to discover that their country was 2nd tier, whilst South Africa with an economy about a quarter the size of Canada's was first tier. It isn't as if the world is awaiting the deep insight of third world leaders.

While all sorts of countries that simply don't matter that much clog up the space, important economic players like Spain and the Netherlands aren't even in the G20 (although are represented this time, so it's really the G22).

Of course given that the chances of the G20 summit accomplishing anything except allow anti-globalisation protesters demonstrate what tossers they are, let alone Broon's "Global New Deal" (what we want to prolong the downturn for a decade?), it doesn't really matter who attends.

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