Friday, April 17, 2009

If You Ask Nicely, You Still Aren't Getting Any.

I must say I do like this new relaxed approach to raising money that the EU is taking:
Taxpayers could be asked to plug a £106 million black hole in a fund providing a second pension for MEPs, to make up for cash lost to fraudulent investment schemes and during the financial crisis.
It's nice of them to ask rather than just stick their snouts straight in, but I'll have to decline, they really should be able to afford a private pension on their salary.



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Ross said...

We have a government that believes in compulsory volunteering, so their understanding of the term might not match up with what we Earth people mean by 'asked'

Macheath said...

'compulsory volunteering' - further illustration of the fact that we are being governed by oxymorons.