Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Get Ahead.

I'm no detective but I think I could do a better job than Leicestershire constabulary. A head has been discovered in a field:

"In the meantime we're looking into the circumstances surrounding the discovery, but are keeping an open mind as to why and how the head came to be in the field.

Are there really that many possibilities as to how a head, sans body, came to be in a field? Is it really likely that it just fell off spontaneously and the body made it's way home separately?


Leg-iron said...

Perhaps it was migrating African swallows, carrying it between them having just pecked it free of someone's shoulders.

Look out for someone who's recently developed a loss of height and has bird crap on their jacket.

The police have to consider all possibilities, you know.

With all the body parts around these days it sounds as if someone's been murdered by regular instalments. I suspect Reader's Digest.

Mark said...

Today is certainly the day for those in the criminal justice system to make asinine comments- here's the contribution from Geoffrey Rivlin QC-

'A man and a woman have been jailed over the death of an innocent shopper in a queue-jumping row in south London.

Antonette Richardson was jailed for 18 months and ex-boyfriend Tony Virasami received four years for manslaughter.

Southwark Crown Court heard she called him to a Sainsbury's store in Merton where he hit Kevin Tripp, a bystander who had nothing to do with the dispute.

Judge Geoffrey Rivlin QC said the sentences reflected the "shock and concern felt by the public at large". (BBC)

So, 4 years & 18 months respectively, for brutally terminating the life of an innocent man, is sufficient to reflect public concern about such conduct? On whose planet ?

Edwin Greenwood said...

"The police have to consider all possibilities, you know."

There's a South African story, which may or may not be apocryphal, but rings uncomfortably true.

Newspaper headline, day 1: "Three severed heads found in Jo'burg."

Day 2: "Three headless bodies found."

Day 3: "Heads do not match bodies."