Thursday, April 23, 2009

Obama Is White.

According to Shameless Milne he is:
What credibility is there in Geneva's all-white boycott?
I was hoping for an MSM writer to defend Durban 2 so I could sanctimoniously attack them for their hypocrisy and stupidity, but Milne is the only one to do so and I just don't feel motivated to do so.

Milne's command of the fact remain as firm as it as ever been:

The dispute was mainly about Israel and western fears that the conference would be used, like its torrid predecessor in Durban at the height of the Palestinian intifada in 2001, to denounce the Jewish state and attack the west over colonialism and the slave trade. In fact, although it was the only conflict mentioned in the final Durban declaration, the reference was so mild (recognising the Palestinian right to self-determination alongside Israel's right to security) that the then Israeli prime minister, ­Shimon Peres, called it "an accomplishment of the first order for Israel".

Shimon Peres was Israel's PM in September 2001! Who knew?

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Mark Wadsworth said...

Phew. It's not just me who has noticed that Obama is in fact white, totally and completely white. It just so happens that his white mum shagged an African while on holiday.