Tuesday, May 19, 2009

BNP/ World Cup Bid Doomed.

Congratulations to the Prime Minister for his bold attempt to utilise the Brown 'Jonah' effect to combat the BNP, by appearing at the launch of the 2018 World Cup bid alongside Richard Barnbrook. I now feel confident in saying they won't win any MEPs next month.

Of course the Jonah effect does mean that the World Cup bid is doomed. At the launch it appears that Brown was as on the button as ever:

Launched in Wembley Stadium's evocative Bobby Moore room, and with many of the former England captain's fellow 1966 World Cup winning squad present, the temptation to trot out the old cry of how this country gave football to the world and why this gives it a divine right to stage the tournament, more so as by 2018 it will more than 50 years since it was last held here, must have been very strong.

Thankfully the urge was resisted..

Curiously, the only person not on message was Prime Minister Gordon Brown, who kept insisting football would be coming home.
Thanks Gord.


Matthew said...

I'm unconvinced that inviting one BNP councillor negates all the other work the FA has done.

Might you have linked to the wrong BBC article? - I think you mean Bose's blog but instead the link is to one that actually says:

... it will be 52 years since Bobby Moore lifted the Jules Rimet trophy at Wembley by the time 2018 comes around...Bringing football home

Or was that the point?

Ross said...

No you were right, I forgot the link to the Bose blog which I'll now add.

"I'm unconvinced that inviting one BNP councillor negates all the other work the FA has done. "No, it's the Brown being completely off message and pitching the message towards a domestic audience with stuff about "football coming home" that will damage the bid.

Matthew said...

Yes, but that was the Telegraph chap's point.

I thought it was funny the BBC article (by a different journalist) used those exact words.