Monday, May 25, 2009

Various Stuff.

  • Germany's Der Spiegel gives a round up of the reaction of German papers to the British expenses scandal! It's a bit embarrassing that they are talkng about it but they do make the point that the disillusionment with politics isn't a specifically British problem. Therefore the various suggestions for changing our constitution to a more continental style with PR and all that might be worthwhile they aren't the root cause of the dissatisfaction. (Link via Blognor Regis)
  • I was going to comment about this article which berates Tony Blair for not treating Al Qaeada with the same respect that the crusaders showed to Salidin, but I'll just link to Mick Hartley's post instead.
  • I was also going elaborate on previous comments about the BBC, but Minette Marrin's article says exactly what I was going to say.
  • With all the Korean stuff, both the Nork Nuke & the suicide of the South Korean president who did so much to appease the North, this Korean focused blog is worth reading.
  • Michael Burleigh's article on how the defeat of the Tamil Tigers disproves the maxim that you can't beat terrorism with force.


James Higham said...

Marrin and Spiegel - two of my reads. Interesting post.

asquith said...

Nice bit of speculation- what do you envisage would replace the regime if it imploded?

That's something as will be giving headaches to western leaders.

Ross said...

"Nice bit of speculation- what do you envisage would replace the regime if it imploded?".

A Chinese puppet state in NK perhaps, which would still be a vast improvement on the present.