Monday, May 18, 2009

Litigious Lowlifes

Unless you can afford expensive legal fees it makes sense to back down when contacted by someone in George Galloway's office demanding an apology. Given the UK's libel laws which favour crooks and charlatans like the grossly corrupt former Labour MP who has extorted millions of pounds fraudulently through the libel system* there really isn't much alternative.

I never received any angry denials from them about this post, so I presume they must agree with me.

* I am referring to Robert Maxwell, who do you think I mean?


Matthew said...

Is there a possibility he hasn't read the post?

Ross said...

Yeah, but I am working on the assumption that if he reacts to every insult even on blogs then the ones he doesn't object to must be okay.

Mind you that particular post was linked to by a big blog (Harry's Place) and if his employees are scouring the blogs for mentions of his name then there must be a good chance that it has been read.