Sunday, May 10, 2009

Jesus Tortillas & Miracle Toast.

It's understandable that the anti-religious enjoy laughing at supposed appearances of religious icons in food items or random stains. They're missing the woods for trees though, whilst the spectacle of idiots bowing down before a bun that looks like Mother Theresa is amusing, the fact that some people are idiots isn't news. The origins of these supposed miraculous images is far more telling.

Originally the Christian attitude towards religious images was that worshipping images creates by man was sacriligious. This posed a problem because in the areas where the masses had traditionally used statues and icons to express their devotion to their memory. Therefore sometime in the 6th century the church suddenly began discovering images of Jesus created by God himself, who was evidently some kind of Dark Age Banksy, and it wasn't sacriligious to worship images that weren't created by man.

Hence because the Church acknowledged these images 1500 years ago there is a theological precedent fot Jesus bagels today.

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JuliaM said...

"...God himself, who was evidently some kind of Dark Age Banksy..."

Heh! Nicely put...