Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Ancestor's Tale.

- Hello, I'm an amateur genealogist and I've been tracking down relatives of a very prominent historic individual. You're one of his closest relatives!

- Wow that's wonderful to hear, I'm always interested in family history, who is it.

- Well you know you're Austrian uncle?

- Gosh who could he be related to, Mozart, Scwarzenegger or Sigmund Freud perhaps....

- Nope guess again.

- Oh bollocks!


Anonymous said...

"The trio have entered into a pact not to have any children."


Ross said...

Well they've got HITLER GENES!

They could try invading Poland any second now.

Blognor Regis said...

Bit daft in't it? All this talk of 'descendants' when they mean distant cousins.

Plato said...

Great spot!

Ross said...

"All this talk of 'descendants' when they mean distant cousins."

Yes, seeing as every human being on the planet is a distant cousing of Hitler (if the search is extened far enough) it seems a bit ridiculous.