Monday, September 21, 2009

Vladimir & His Life Partner.

To return to one of this blog's most familiar themes*, the glaring obvious homosexuality of Vladimir Putin, here is a link to a photo gallery of him and Dmitri Medvedev.

{via the Agitator}

* I don't know whether I was kicked off the meme, but if you google "Putin" "Gay" then this blog is the 4th most popular result, and all the higher ranked results are more recent.


Mark Wadsworth said...

There are three possibilities here:

1. He is indeed gay.

2. He isn't.

3. The FSB give you a lethal dose of polonium anyway, just for comedy value.

James Higham said...

It was never talked about in Russia.

Daphne said...

My gaydar is pinging like son of a bitch, Ross.

And I'm smiling like a cat.