Thursday, September 24, 2009


I'll probably be busy tomorrow and maybe Friday.

It's actually kind of big deal, I'm finalising my screenplay that I hope will turn me into a Hollywood player. It's a franchise merger similar to Alien Vs Predator, and I hope then when my script for "Seven Samurai for Seven Brothers"* is seen by a producer success will be mine.

* It's a heart warming musical about 7 hillbilly brothers who are desperate for brides but never get to meet anyone because they live in the mountains, so they travel to feudal era Japan to kidnap 7 renowned warriors to become their civil partners.


JuliaM said...

If you can persuade Charlie Sheen or Lorenzo Lamas to sign on, you're on a winner!

James Higham said...

Charlie Sheen? Nah, he gropes.

Ross said...

I wouldn't want to take Charlie Sheen away from his investigation into 9/11.