Friday, September 18, 2009

Awesome Lapdancing Video.

Here's a video of native Laplanders performing a traditional dance:

Apparently Harriet Harman wants to ban this which seems to be a little racist against one of Europe's indigenous minorities to me.

Update: Here's some Pole dancing too:


James Higham said...

Lappdanding eh? Hmmmm.

Mr Ecks said...

If Harriet Hagbag wants to bring lap dancing to an end in this country I strongly suggest that she and a parcel of her feminazi "wimmin" chums go down to the nearest club and sign on as dancers. The sight of their ugly hate-filled faces, hovering above breasts akin to Mongolian saddlebags while their fat cellulite-riven arses gyrate sweatily would close any lap-dancing club in short order.The audience would prey for blindness as the intervention of Divine Mercy.Go from one to another until they are all shut.

MANkind has always prevailed over his foes and that will include evil bags like Harman also

Edwin Greenwood said...

Clearly those Poles haven't been properly Greeced. Frankly the show is a bit of a Turkey and I was glad when the clip Finnished. I trust the Czech has been withheld.

Daphne said...

I've obviously had to much to drink.

I thought it said Lap Dance and was totally confused.

Let's not even get into why I might click on a lap dancing video, mmmkay?