Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Tabloid Story Of The Day

I went on illicit affair site for fun and found my husband already there
And then you went to the newspaper to tell everyone!

Then Sara, 40, caught sight of someone she hadn't expected to find.

Staring back from the computer screen was her husband, Paul, 50.

He put his photograph onto the site? She didn't marry him for his brains did she?

Realising the depths to which her marriage had sunk, Sara's world came crashing down.

She explains: "It sounds hypocritical, but I was totally gutted.

Yes because it is hypocritical.

"I'd joined the site on the spur of the moment because I was feeling unattractive.
Well at least there's nothing wrong with her eyesight.

"I've always been big but after getting pregnant with our 15-year-old son Andrew I'd ballooned.
Being pregnant with a 15 year old would be strenuous. I'm sure he's appreciates his mother spilling the beans to the Sun on his parents' pathetic attempted adultery. It must really be making his life at school easier.

While he failed to get any responses, Sara received requests from two men who wanted to meet.

She says: "They were both married but said the spark had gone out of their relationships.

"I was flattered to think other men still found me attractive.

The found you available not 'attractive'.

"I got in touch with them and the messages quickly turned steamy. One of them started pushing for us to meet. I probably would have done - but then Paul found out."

He was furious. A friend had told him Sara had joined the site.

Jesus fucking Christ, even their friends are on the site! Makes you wonder why they had to go online to cheat if they are surrounded by fellow afficianados of that site.

Anyway it continues until there is a happy ending and they get divorced.


Mark Wadsworth said...

It's a good story but not as good as the couple in China who ended up on a blind date with each other.

JuliaM said...

Or the guy who orders a call-girl and finds it's his daughter...

James Higham said...

Wasn't there a song in the 80s about this? They hooked up in a blind date and it was each other?

Letters From A Tory said...

Bloody hell, some people really need to focus a little bit more on their marriage and a bit less on their laptops.

HeartAttackSurvivor said...

James Higham YOU BASTARD! I now have the "Pina Collada" song stuck irretrievably in my head.
Still, now you have, too. Git!

PS What a munter...

JuliaM said...

"James Higham YOU BASTARD! I now have the "Pina Collada" song stuck irretrievably in my head. "


Mind you his other hit, 'Him', was even better. Probably outlaw it now, because the chap in the song finds out his girl is cheating because his rival leaves his fags behind...