Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Evaluating Mr Toad.

I'm inclined to agree with Dominic Lawson's opinion about Alan Clark- he was " sleazy, vindictive, greedy, callous and cruel" and largely got away with it because having a castle meant that a sufficient number of social climbers were willing to indulge him in a manner they would not have done had he been the son of a taxi driver.

He was somewhat amusing as a kind of sitcom character but unsavoury and corrupt nonetheless.


It Will Come to Me said...

He did seem to have a way with women however. Lucky bastard.

asquith said...

I am amazed that Dominic Lawson managed to say something that isn't total bollocks.

One thing we can praise Alan Clark for, if nothing else, is extracting some sense from Lawson for once in his life.

Those who lust after Nigella had better ask themselves whether they want tits like Dominic & Nigel in the family.