Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Gord Is My Shepherd.

Google's suggestions when entering a search can be a little odd, for example when you enter "I am" one of the top suggestions is "I am extremely terrified of Chinese people". They are a little scary perhaps but not extremely terrifying surely?

Anyway this is all a prelude to seeing what people are searching about for prominet individuals, I'll start off with some politicians:
Barack Obama is: "Your new bicycle", "the antichrist", "Irish", "not black" and "a Muslim".

Gordon Brown is: "shit", "my shepherd", "a prick", "an idiot" and "a moron".

David Cameron is: "an idiot", "sexy", "hot", "a joke" and "Jewish".

George Bush is: "an Islamic fundamentalist", "an alien", "dead", "an idiot" and "a monkey"
David Cameron's secret Jewishness could make his meeting with Barack Obama who is a secret Muslim awkward although at least the Islamic Fundamentalist, George Bush is no longer in office.


Matthew said...

For some reason you didn't give us:

"Ross is...wearing leather pants"

James Higham said...

Pink leather hotpants?

Plato said...

HHAHAAA - excellent.

Ross said...

"Pink leather hotpants?"

That's absolutely untrue!

They're lime green.