Sunday, September 13, 2009

Free Money!

Naomi Klein has produced a veritable stupidity mine with her latest article- one could extract nuggets of pure dumb for weeks. However I'm just going to highlight just one passage:

The hardest part of selling reparations in the US has always been the perception that something would have to be taken away from whites in order for it to be given to blacks and other minorities. But because of the broad support for large stimulus spending, there is a staggering amount of new money floating around – money that does not yet belong to any one group.
Yep she's really proposing to use the stimulus package for reparations for slavery. Plus she thinks that because there is new money, giving it to one particular group (actually political activist organisations that purport to represent them) won't represent a transfer of wealth from everyone else. Tell you what why doesn't the government treble the supply of money and spread it among everyone except Naomi Klein, after all by her reasoning this will mean that nothing has been taken from her.

Feel free to cite any other jaw dropping examples of stupidity in her article.

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