Saturday, September 05, 2009

The Return Of Chucky

The Sun are trying to revive one of the silliest stories of the 1990s- the claim that the killers of James Bulger were inspired by the horror film Child's Play. Apparantly the two brothers age 10 and 11, who tortured two other children, were also inspired by the film:

SICK horror movie Child's Play, which the "Hell boys" watched, has been linked to a catalogue of crimes.

A female relative of the evil lads revealed their mum had let them watch the 18-cert slasher film when they were aged just "six or seven".

I can see the pattern here, they watched Child's Play and just half a decade later they tortured some kids, therefore Child's Play causes children to attack other children because nothing else might have happened in a brief five year period.

I haven't seen Child's Play and I haven't attacked any children- how much more proof do you need of the perils of the evil film?


Leg-iron said...

But... I've seen all the Chucky films, all the Hellraiser, all the Phantasm, Friday 13th, Halloween, and so on and laughed all the way through them. Especially Phantasm, that series was a hoot, it wasn't even consistent from one film to the next and one of the main characters kept 'forgetting' everything that had previously happened.

And yet I haven't killed anyone.

Perhaps I have some kind of natural immunity. I wonder if I can sell it?

Ross said...

"And yet I haven't killed anyone. "

Well there can be a long lag time between watching the films and attacking someone, 4 or 5 years in the case of the Doncaster brothers, so you might explode into a murderous rage at any moment.

Leg-iron said...


And Parliament resumes soon. That might well do it.

TDK said...

I didn't kill anyone because of Child's Play 1 or 2 but I felt like killing someone after Bride of Chucky.

Can you advise me of the effect of watching the Simpson spoof version. It's too late to stop the kids watching it but at least I can lock the bedroom door.

Mark said...

The silliness behind the claim that repeatedly watching violent images inevitably leads the viewer to commit violent acts is probably best countered by reference to the modern Japanese experience. Here the present day popular culture, from anime comics to the climax of Ai No Corrida, is full of violent imagery- yet violent crime is far less common there than here.

Ross said...

"Can you advise me of the effect of watching the Simpson spoof version. "

Well that's made by another part of the Murdoch media empire so I assume that's completely different.

Mark- good point about Japan.

James Higham said...

Perhaps Chucky did it himself.

Letters From A Tory said...

Incredible that this kind of reporting hasn't lost its charm after all these years.

Anonymous said...

Were any of the comedians here 10 or 11 years old when they frst saw the films?
Then what's your point?

If yes; what's your point?

Are you categorically saying those films won't have an effect on anyone? at any time? ever?

If yes; where's your proof?

otherwise STFU

Ross said...

"Are you categorically saying those films won't have an effect on anyone? at any time? ever?"

No one can prove a negative but when in both cases there were far more obvious risk factors involved and in the case of the Doncaster boys there was a 4 or 5 year gap between watching the films and committing the offences the idea of a causal relationship looks pretty feeble to me.