Saturday, October 03, 2009

I Didn't Even Know Virgin Operated In China

Is it me or do the air hostesses in the Chinese version of that Virgin ad seem less welcoming than in the original?:

Via Mick Hartley.


Mark Wadsworth said...

They're cute!

But yes of course Virgin operate in China. Mao Tes Tung demanded it.

Von Spreuth. said...

Bloody HEL! Now THAT could be a dream come true.

Any one have a spare ticket to China???

Shlomo said...

Say what you like about the festivities, and plenty have, but just as with the Olympic opening and closing ceremonies, the Chinese have sent a powerful message to the world. No 'inclusive', vibrant celebration of diversity for them [remember the embarassing nonsense that 'we' cobbled together]. Like most rational actors, China will stop at nothing to show their obvious flair for parades and technical wizardry; they simply want to be the best and this must radiate to you as a Chinese person and instill self-confidence. By way of contrast, the UK is in such a state, so obsessed are the decision-makers with multiculturalism that even national pride must be sacrificed as a collection of village idiots dressed as cabbages jumped and pranced amidst the empty hubris of the scruffy Circassian toff BoJo...and a little Sylheti girl from Stepney 'just happened' to win the Blue Peter competition.

Von Spreuth. said...

Shlomo, have you ever considered that the rest of the world may see you as an analy retentive prick?

Go lay down, have a wank. I have HEARD that it can help in the absence of Valium.

Ross said...

"Any one have a spare ticket to China???"

No but we could ask them to invade.

captainff said...

They're all virgins?