Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Retroactive Standards.

Question: How many of those MPs who are complaining about the unfairness of being forced to pay back expenses after Sir Thomas Legg retroactively imposed standards also supported the Windfall Tax on energy companies in the 1990s?


Matthew said...

I think actually a legislated windfall tax on MPs would have been fairer.

Remarkable to think how people (usually in a terribly ignorant fashion) go on about Gordon Brown's gold sale, but forget the equally disastrous privatisations, such as BP.

Ross said...

Which of the criticisms of Brown's gold sale do you think are ignorant?

I have never paid that much attention to the subject, but I thought the problem was that the government announced in advance that they were going to sell a large amount of gold, thuse depressing the price.

With the privatisiation, wasn't there a dual purpose at least in intent for the government of the day- they not only wanted to raise money but also encourage widespread share ownership?