Thursday, October 22, 2009

Education Nooz.

Ostensibly this article is about a boy unfairly excluded from school. However the message is fairly clear but must remain as merely subtext because the family are the ones cooperating with the press. That message is "thank God that this bolshy chav family have been dealt with properly". The photographer has even persuaded them to pose in a manner to emphasise their thuggishness. Stand out quote:

Mr Walton said: 'The school sent a letter saying that I told Dan, "Kick the headteacher in the nuts if he kept you against your will".

'I think it's diabolical. My boy shouldn't be excluded for something I have said. I don't regret it.'

Meanwhile in other Daily Mail sourced news, read the heart rending tale of a boy whose life has been made a "misery" because of his name, Harry Potter.


Obnoxio The Clown said...

I dunno, it sounds like one of those "can't they both lose" stories to me.

JuliaM said...

"Ostensibly this article is about a boy unfairly excluded from school. "

Sounds like the 'Mail' is employing the 'Let them condemn themselves out of their own mouths' strategy as the BBC on 'Question Time', doesn't it?

asquith said...

I'd be ashamed of having myself in the paper if I was as much of a fat bastard as Mr Walton, never mind what he's done.

Someone in the year above me was called James Bond & had to leave & be homeschooled because he was bullied so savagely- people used to follow him round every day & do the theme tune & pretend to point guns at him & that.

I was also in a class with someone called Will Smith. Whenever we got a new teacher, he had to insist repeatedly that he really was called Will Smith & wasn't making up a name to wind up the teacher.

Ross said...

I once worked briefly at a place where there were three people named after comedians, there was a Vic Reeves, a Dave Allen and I think the one was a Lee Evans.