Friday, October 23, 2009


Did anyone don a brown shirt and start smashing up Jewish owned businesses after Nick Griffin's appearance on Question Time?

Personally I doubt that he won many converts but wasn't shown up either, the most interesting thing about it was the fact he is acknowledging that the BNP was a racist and antisemitic party in the past in order to defend the BNP of today. I don't how convincing voters will find that.

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Anonymous said...

he don't get much chance to get that across though he tried it a couple of times. it was a win for ng simply cos the adverseries were so bad, emotionally laden and dishonest. i'm still so very angry at that asian bint who betrayed every islamic woman alive suffering abuse - it was a point ng made and she riposted in the gist that 'we have a right to be as we are in the uk'.