Friday, October 23, 2009

Who's The Daddy?

Over at ATW, David Vance points to his appearance on Northern Ireland's current affairs programme "Hearts & Minds" to debate the appearance of the BNP on Question Time, he and Guardian media columnist Roy Greenslade supported the BBC and a Paddy Meehan from a group called "Youth Against Racism" opposed the decision.

Is it me or does Paddy Meehan have an uncanny similarity in both looks and demeanor, not to mention politics, to the "Unite Against Fascism" leader Martin Smith, who was leading the mob trying to storm the BBC studio yesterday. Meehan is about 25 years younger than Smith. Could it possibly be that Martin Smith is the wild lothario of the self proclaimed anti-fascist movement and he has been spreading his seed far and wide for the last quarter of a century? Father and Son are pictured below:


James Higham said...

Well spotted there. The good thing coming out of last evening, as far as I could see, was that people got to see how horrible the anti forces were as well. They all seemed pretty obnoxious.

JuliaM said...

Would that be the Martin Smith proudly boasting to the 'Indy' this morning about people who disagee with him politically can expect, namely, violence:

"..."A guy came with a BNP banner. That was ripped from him and he was hit on the head, but you have to expect that if you come to an anti-fascist demonstration with a BNP banner," said Mr Smith...."

Strikes me as more of a fighter than a lover. For which I thank god, on behalf of women everywhere...

Mark Wadsworth said...

Well spotted.

But I think "Who's the Daddy?" is correct.

Ross said...

Quite right Mark, I'll edit it now.

"Strikes me as more of a fighter than a lover. For which I thank god, on behalf of women everywhere..."

Mrs Meehan disagrees.