Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Wacko Jacko Backo With Aco.

This takes tastelessness to a whole new level:

Psychic Derek Acorah is to attempt to make contact with late pop star Michael Jackson as part of two specially-commissioned shows for Sky 1.

Michael Jackson: The Live Séance and Michael Jackson: The Search for His Spirit will be produced by Twofour. Both hour-long specials will be presented by June Sarpong.

Even if psychics weren't all either delusional or fraudulent it would be pretty bad, can you imagine enjoying the great eternal afterlife only to be bothered by an annoying purveyor of low quality television?

Anyway here is Acorah demostrating his awesome psychic powers:


Umbongo said...

You may be interested to view the humiliation of another "psychic".

JuliaM said...

A career writing 'Sun' headlines surely beckons after that one, Ross... ;)

Ross said...

Umbongo- Unfortunately the video has been deleted.

Julia- I do try.

Stu said...

I've actually seen Derek Acorah live. I had free tickets due to knowing one of his relatives - I wasn't going to say no.

But he was, admittedly, rubbish. Scarily rubbish. Not even that funny.

James Higham said...

No, that's fair enough, Ross. We need to know if he was bumped off and Jacko might be able to tell us.

Umbongo said...


Well that's only happened in the last couple of weeks. Geller's been trying for years to get that video censored - seems he's been successful. You might try the video here where James Randi replicates some aspects of the "Geller Phenomenon" using just straightforward conjuring trickery.

Ross said...

Is it this clip from the Tonight show? (about 6 minutes in)

Von Spreuth said...

Aye right. All that bloody fuss to tell you what?

That Mabels fuckin cat is going to get better?

"I wanna know the number to your safety deposit box you stupid old bastard, and all you can do is talk about Mabels bastarding moggy!"

Umbongo said...


"Is it this clip from the Tonight show?"

That's the one