Saturday, October 10, 2009

Flogging A Dead Horse- Another Nobel Exclusive

Oslo 2010: Members of the Nobel Prize committee denied yesterday that their latest award was politically motivated. Following on from previous awards to Barack Obama, Al Gore and Jimmy Carter many critics are claiming that the 2010 award is designed to publicly snub former president George W. Bush.

However in Oslo yesterday Norwegian parliamentarians angrily denied this interpretation and said that the joint award to "Everyone on the planet except George W Bush" was made purely on its merits. The official citation referred to "not being a chimpy murdering Hitler" as a reason for the award was one of the least surprising prizes given for many years.

Worldwide recipients were mostly proud to have won an award- "This is something I can tell my grand kids about, it is the most amazing thing that has ever happened to me" cried 31 year old Bolivian traffic warden Manuel Ayala, whilst in Stuttgart 45 year old German accountant Karoline Schwarz was equally pleased saying that this was "a dream come true".

Other winners were more circumspect- "I'm proud to have my achievements acknowledged, but if everyone except Bush wins the prize doesn't it become devalued?" asked veteran Uzbek warlord Abdul Rashid Dostum as he supervised the attachment of electrodes to the genitalia of a troublesome dissident.

There were signs yesterday of a growing number of refuseniks who had turned down their award and their share of the 10 million Krona prize, with both Laura Bush and one of the Bush twins expected to decline.

The prize is expected to be presented on November the 18th, a day the Norwegian Parliament has designated "We Hate George Bush" day.

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