Friday, May 26, 2006

The Drugs Do Work!

Like many people I am tremendously concerned about the NHS's failiure to offer people the best available medicine. So why oh why is the miracle drug Panexa not available on the NHS? It's treats a wide range of conditions including:
metabolism, binocular vision, digestion (solid and liquid), circulation, menstruation, cognition, osculation, extremes of emotion.

Not to mention its effectiveness against syndromes like Coronary Heart Condition (CHC). It is typical of scandalous inefficiency of NICE that we are denied cures for thes awful diseases.


AntiCitizenOne said...

That Panexa site is a bit ott to be funny. The DHMO site is much superior.

Another Pity is the site behind it seem to want to ban everything and moralise about everyones decisions.

Ross said...

Yes, is a great resource for anyone who wishes to fight the widespread use of this terrible toxin.

Also congratulations on being the first commenter on the site for about a week, I was going to create an imaginary friend to post here if no one turned up.