Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Innocent Man Died In Jail.

Any honest person has to accept that sometimes innocent people are wrongfully imprisoned, but this case seems particularly shocking to me:

A WEST Yorkshire teacher who died in prison after being convicted of raping one his pupils has been cleared posthumously.
Timothy Gee was jailed for eight years when he was convicted at Leeds Crown Court in 2001. He fell ill and died from an undiagnosed blood cancer the following year......
.....While the study cast doubt on the girl's mental state, it emerged that she had also made similar accusations against another man, whose conviction was quashed earlier this year.

So she's sent two innocent men to prison on the basis of no real evidence at all. The other thing that shocks me is that virtually no attention has been given to this case by the national media despite the awful circumstances, is there an explanation why this isn't considered newsworthy? I cannot think of a good one.

Actually one of the few websites that does mention the case is Falsely Accused Carers and Teachers, an organisation I had not previously heard of, if these allegations are commonplace enough to warrant a specific organisation to cope with them, then it must be even worse than I could have guessed.

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