Thursday, May 25, 2006

A Right Pair.

TWO topless female protesters have attracted crowds of male admirers outside NSW Parliament in Sydney.....Another protest held at the same time outside Parliament by half a dozen anti-logging activists, one of whom was dressed as a koala, failed to attract as much attention as the art students. suit no match for breasts

  • On the subject of Australian tits, two of them are thoroughly skewered by Tim Blair here. Left wing bloggers Tim Lambert and John Quiggin were understandably thrilled when they caught Mark Steyn plagiarising. Except it soon became abundantly clear that they were wrong and so two different coping strategies emerged. Quiggin goes for a gradual retreat subtlely modifying his accusations:
    Mark Steyn has a way with words. Particularly other people’s
    • The charge later becomes that Steyn is:
      giving little or no attribution
      Which is still obviously incorrect, so later Quiggin forlornly confesses:
      Plagiarism is not really the right category here.
      Lambert on the other hand adopts the Saddam strategy of getting annihiated and simply declaring victory. I have to confess to a certain awe at the brazeness of the Lambert strategy, but his commenters seem sufficiently gullible to believe him.
  • Last week I wrote about why MPs shouldn't be doing so much constituancy work. Labour Lord, Clive Soley, has been talking about the issue in Parliament and I have to say he is completely correct in my view.
  • One thing that has not been widely discussed in all the coverage about the landmark divorce ruling is why on earth judges get to implement what is pretty obviously a policy change. Either there were rules put in place by elected governments which the judge arbitrarily changed or Parliament was too useless to pass laws which adequately covered a very common scenario.
  • Pat Finucane's killer was released from prison this week. It is worth just reminding everyone who has been taken in by the spin that Finucane was not an innocent victim, he was a terrorist. Of all the thousands of people who died during that period, it is perverse that vermin like Finucane are even remembered let alone celebrated.
  • On the subject of Northern Ireland, I see that their football team was met by a sectarian mob of make believe Irishmen in Chicago this week. It isn't a huge surprise that people who define themselves by their ethnicity are invariably unpleasant and it shouldn't reflect on the reputation of Chicago in general, but it is still a sad state of affairs.

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