Wednesday, May 24, 2006

New Format Launched.

I've decided to amalgamate all my shorter posts into one daily bundle. I will still do longer individual pieces from time to time. So here it goes-

  • In Tesco's today I saw on sale a paper shredder, except it wasn't called a 'paper shredder' it was a "Multimedia Shredder", so presumably you can dispose your iPod in it. As I was pondering why they gave it such an absurd name I spotted a virtually identical product that was actually called a Paper Shredder on sale for half the price, the only difference was that the colours were less stylish. Whilst I am aware that differential pricing takes place I thought this was a little bit transparent.

  • Comment is Free is a popular, left wing, group blog. As this is an unpopular, right wing, solo blog it is in many ways the antithesis of Comment is Free. So what better way to spend my time than trawling through their articles and taking the piss? First up is Julie Bindel who takes the seemingly uncontroversial position that peadophiles aren't really child lovers. Not controversial, except to CiF readers and only 7 comments in 'Gomer 'mocks:
    If it were upto me we should all rally behind the Bindel Brigrade and take to the streets shouting rapist, rapist! That would show them, just like we showed that peadiatrician.
    Because clearly that is the only alternative to not being nice to child molesters.

  • Ming Campbell was demanding that the government establish a UK gun registry at Prime Ministers Questions today..The experience of Canada may be instructive here, the Liberal government set up a registry which they estimated would cost (Can)$2 000 000, it ended up costing $2 000 000 000. A thousand fold increase.

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AntiCitizenOne said...

"EU is sticking its beak into european football"

They are doing it for the normal reasons, they want kickbacks.