Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Why It's OK To Kick Blair Whilst He's Down.

Sometimes over the last few months, I see Labour getting into trouble and I begin to feel sorry for the Prime Minister, combined with an antipathy towards Cameron it makes me wonder whether it is worth voting against New Labour. Then I cure myself of such unworthy thoughts by rereading his hate filled 1999 Labour conference speech which was so drooling in bile it sounded like Robert Mugabe or Kim Jong Il:

The forces of conservatism allied to racism are why one of the heroes of the 20th Century, Martin Luther King, is dead.

It's why another, Nelson Mandela, spent the best years of his life in a cell the size of a bed.

And though the fact that Mandela is alive, free and became President, is a sign of the progress we have made: the fact that Stephen Lawrence is dead, for no other reason than he was born black, is a sign of how far we still have to go.

And they still keep opposing progress and justice.

What did they say about the minimum wage? The same as they said right through this century.

Do not forget what a vicious, spiteful demagogue he was when he had the power to be so.

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