Thursday, November 19, 2009

Palin 2012?

Anyone who has read this blog since last year will know that I'm not hostile to Sarah Palin, she was an effective governor and a good communicator. Much of the criticism she received was unfair and some of it went into the realm of the deranged (I'm thinking of Andrew Sullivan with his demands that her gynecological records be released in order to prove that she isn't her son's grandmother).

Having said all that the idea that she is a viable candidate for the Republican nomination for 2012 is ludicrous. For one reason above all others- she quit the role she was elected to fill, governor of Alaska, in order to go on a book tour. How could someone seriously ask to be elected president when they have a record of resigning elected offices mid term for no good reason?

I would therefore be inclined to believe her when she says that she that a presidential run is "not on her radar".


asquith said...

Do you ever read Daniel Larison? I have been browsing him for a bit & found some good stuff about Palin & other Republicans.

Philosophically he couldn't be further away from me, as I am a liberal humanist & universalist & he is a paleoconservative. But I have started to accord with a lot of his foreign policy views, especially his attacks on ultra-hawks.

I also likes this from a right-wing blog I pop by to use as a sort of scratching post.

Personally I tend to favour Democrats over Republicans because they are usually slightly more secular, slightly more dovish (though they are not pacifists & I wouldn't want them to be), a bit more socially liberal. I envisage myself endorsing them in 2010 & 2012, so the GOP will presumably want to give up now as it can never withstand me.

You've got the likes of Huckabee, Pawlenty & Romney going around. I'd like to see that when it happens.

Ross said...

I occasionally read Larison, in fact I put his 'Eunomia' blog in my "Worldwide blogs" list sometime last month. I don't agree with all that he writes but he is undeniably interesting.